Addressing Conflict of Interest by the Secretary of State
– A Constitutional Amendment

Government relies upon the trust of the people. As stewards of the public trust, public officials are required to put the public’s interest before their own. Impropriety occurs when a public official, faced with conflicting interests, puts his or her personal interest ahead of the public’s.

As California’s Chief Elections Official, the Secretary of State must put the public’s interest in fair elections above his or her own personal preferences, regarding any candidate or measure. To avoid a direct or perceived conflict of interest in the carrying out and oversight over California elections, the following California Constitutional amendment is proposed*:  Amendment to the California Constitution. Conflict of Interest. Secretary of State 

1) The Secretary of State may neither support, endorse nor oppose any candidate or measure on any ballot in California

2) The Secretary of State may not make a campaign contribution to any candidate or measure on any ballot in California

3) The Secretary of State may not hold any official position in the campaign of any candidate or measure on any ballot in California.

*Proposal for the State Legislature to place the following measure on the November 2018 ballot. This would be effectuated by adding a new Section 15 to Article V Executive of the California Constitution.

Your vote for Michael Feinstein for Secretary of State is a vote for a Democracy Bill of Rights for California