Donate to My Campaign to Spread the Democracy Bill of Rights Platform

It is time for a grassroots movement to reclaim our democracy – from the bottom up

As a former Mayor of Santa Monica and co-founder of the Green Party of California, let’s work together in this effort.

Your donation means our Democracy Bill of Rights platform will reach more Californians

People need to know what is possible for our democracy – a democracy where everyone’s vote can be counted accurately and go towards electing someone who truly represents their views – a democracy where all Californians have a seat at the decision-making table.

Please donate today and power this campaign and this message with grassroots energy and support!

Michael Feinstein accepts no corporate donations

He does support policies promoting small donors, and providing free time on the public airwaves for candidates that accept voluntary spending limits.

Contribute by Postal Mail – If you’d like to make a financial contribution by mail, send your check to Feinstein for Secretary of State 2018, P.O. Box 5605, Santa Monica, CA 90409

Please note that California State Law limits individual contributions to statewide candidates like Secretary of State to $7,300.

State law requires that we include the employer and occupation for all who donate at least $100 – either at once or collectively over time.  Therefore along with your check, please include a note with your employer and occupation.  Thanks!