Michael Feinstein for California Secretary of State Candidate Statement in the California Voter Information Guide

California is a beautiful, richly diverse blend of people, ideas and perspectives. Everyone deserves a seat at the table of our democracy. Only then can we be truly fair and inclusive.

A vote for former Santa Monica mayor Michael Feinstein is a vote for a Democracy Bill of Rights, providing for:

1. Elections by Proportional Representation.

Like-minded voters receive representation in proportion to their overall voting strength.

Instead of our existing winner-take-all, ‘lesser-evil’ system, under proportional representation all voters can help elect candidates who truly represent their views. Multiple perspectives win representation from the same district.

We gain from the wisdom of our diversity.

2. Clean Money Campaign Reform.

Democracy works best when everyone is heard and represented. Unfortunately, Big Money has a corrupting, disruptive influence.

To ensure all voters have information needed to make informed decisions — and to reduce the cost of running for office — use the public airwaves to inform voters about all electoral choices.

To provide candidates a broad, grassroots base of support, match small contributions with public funds.

Our democracy is worth it.

3. Election Integrity.

All votes must be counted – and all votes must count.

Promote transparency, accuracy and trustworthiness, with publicly-owned, open-source voting equipment, paper ballots, and meaningful audits.

Eliminate conflicts of interest by prohibiting the Secretary of State from endorsing or opposing any candidate or ballot measure while in office.

Make it easier to vote by declaring election days state holidays.

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